Posted by: reformedmusings | June 27, 2007

Heading Check

In flying, it is always a good thing to know where your aircraft is going. That requires the pilot to stay alert and regularly crosscheck his/her instruments. In order to ensure that the aircraft is taking you to your intended destination, on must conduct regular heading checks on the compass, amongst other things. In that spirit, I’ve done a heading check on this blog and discovered that it isn’t going as directly as I’d like to its intended destination. In the aircraft, that wastes gas. On a blog, that wastes time and energy.

So, I’ve decided to scope the blog down to concentrate on Federal Vision issues in the PCA specifically, and possibly NAPARC-wide as time permits. I have no doubt that my posts will continue to have wider applicability, and hope that others find them useful in their own denominational contexts. Error is still error no matter where it is found, but one person cannot hope to address them all. Also, what is error in one denomination is often acceptable theology in another. Assuming that one is rooted in Christian orthodoxy on the basics, then the trick is to find a home where one’s theology at the next level is acceptable.

Time is not the only issue. In watching the search terms people use to get here from Internet search engines, I’ve noticed that many are looking for specific information on the Federal Vision, the PCA, and the 35th General Assembly. I’ve exchanged some very nice notes with these folks, who have found useful information here. This further reinforces my gut feel that focusing on these areas will best serve those seeking such information. They are the target audience, if you will. On the flip side, a large number are searching on issues for which I have little time or interest. Those issues do not reflect the purpose of this site, and frankly I’d just as soon not be associated with some of those issues.

Practically speaking, that means investing a little bit of time to go through past posts and necking down the issues to the main ones in the PCA. I’m cutting the “dead weight” posts dealing primarily with issues and denominations outside of NAPARC to better flow with the purpose of the site and tighten the context. This small investment will allow me to better focus my limited online and off-line time to address the core Federal Vision issues which are near and dear to my heart now, and provide better consistency for readers of the blog.

In the flying world, we call this a heading check–and that’s a good thing to perform regularly.



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