Posted by: reformedmusings | June 25, 2007

Wisdom in Numbers

In the Presbyterian system, we depend on the grace and wisdom of God working through collections of individuals. Working together, we are less likely to follow our individual deceitful hearts since we are aided and held accountable by our brothers.

Using the judgment of charity, I assume that a few folks on the blogs genuinely misunderstood my posts on Paul’s letters and mistook them for a hyper-Calvinist view. A few Federal Vision proponents have now asserted that my individual failing to clearly communicate the difference between the free offer of the gospel with those who actually can *claim* the promises and benefits thereof somehow reflects poorly on the work of the Ad Interim committee. In fact, it actually does the opposite, showing the strength of the committee.

Just as in sessions, presbyteries, and the General Assembly itself, iron sharpens iron as the brothers make decisions and pronouncements. The Ad Interim Study Committee consisted of seven experienced brothers in Christ, each bringing different strengths to the table. We all worked well and closely together to faithfully carry out the charge assigned to us by the 34th General Assembly. If any of us made an error or just didn’t state something as clearly as possible, the other brothers would help us see our mistake or shortcoming. That’s the strength of a committee in these important matters, as opposed to relying on any one individual’s effort alone. We diligently worked this process together for almost a year, surrendering family and personal time in the effort. None of us would claim that the end product is perfect–we’re all sinners saved by grace–but we do think that the product is accurate, clear, and respectful. As had been said many times, 95-98% of our brothers in the 35th General Assembly concurred.

This blog, on the other hand, is the product of one sinner saved by grace to the gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Reformed faith. There will certainly be times when, although I know exactly what I mean, that meaning isn’t as clear to those who live outside my head. When that happens, I am pleased to be able to go back and clarify my meaning just as I have done in this most recent case. If anyone expects perfection here, I humbly suggest that you abandon not just this blog, but the blogosphere entirely. The whole thing is infected with sinners, both regenerate and unregenerate.

As I said in my very first post, I alone am responsible for the contents of this blog. You can agree or disagree with what I write here–doesn’t bother me either way. That’s the beauty of living in a free country by the grace of God. Any misunderstandings, mistakes, or lack of clarity reflects adversely only on me, while at the same time highlighting the strength and wisdom of the PCA’s Ad Interim Study Committee and its report. God forbid, but if I totally apostatized tomorrow (which, God forbid again, would prove that I was never regenerated in the first place), it would only make the combined committee’s work and the wisdom of both the 34th and 35th General Assemblies shine even brighter–to God’s glory alone.



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