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More On Judgment, etc.

Dr. R. Scott Clark posted a superb piece called Judgment v Vindication over on his blog. While my post on judgment and works called “Hi Ho, Hi Ho” (off to work we go…cute, eh?) was limited to answering Dr. Leithart’s post on the subject, Dr. Clark ranges more broadly on the doctrinal issues involved. Highly recommended reading.

Mark Horne posted a rebuttal to both Dr. Clark’s and my posts over on his blog. While reading it, I was reminded of the contrast between Gone With The Wind and Uncle Tom’s Cabin–you can tell there’s a war involved in each, but other than that they appear to be set on different planets. Even a cursory read of all four articles shows that the two views represented, Reformed vs. Federal Vision, are wholly incompatible. Only one can be true. Part of the problem lies in that the Federal Vision folks are trying to say that both are true “in some sense.” Yeah, in nonsense maybe.

Second, Green Baggins has decided to take Leithart up on his challenge concerning justification. He’s already posted Part 1 and Part 2. Lane always does a nice job, so I’m sure that this will be interesting reading.

As to the et cetera, I’m still playing with this blog’s layout and contents. I’ve been adding links, but they were getting lost in the listing as it grew. So, I’ve now made a custom sidebar and broke out the links into three categories. The one that I really wanted to break out provides links to various reports on Federal Vision and related topic issued by official church bodies (for the most part). This way, you can read what the Reformed community as a whole says about Federal Vision. The list is not comprehensive. Dr. Clark has a much longer list on his Westminster Seminary site.

I intend the list for purely reference purposes, but it also shows dramatically how almost universally Federal Vision has been found out of accord with Reformed Confessions and theology. So, when all the smoke screens come out from the Federal Vision side, take solace that God has limited them to a handful of individuals that have been thoroughly rebuked by every orthodox Reformed denomination. Now if the applicable PCA presbyteries will just do their jobs, we can move on to spreading the gospel without distraction.



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