Posted by: reformedmusings | June 20, 2007

A Challenge to PCA Presbyteries

Dr. R. Scott Clark, a teaching elder in the United Reformed Churches in North America and Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Westminster Seminary California posted a humbling challenge to PCA Presbyteries. In a sense, it takes my “God is on our side” post to the next level.

I pray that it doesn’t take church court action to eliminate church officers who hold to or advocate Federal Vision views from the PCA, but I fear that it will. Here’s a comment from Mark Horne to me in response to my “God is on our side” post:

Wow. Hubris is in the eye of the beholder friend, and as someone who remains a TE in good standing I’ll go ahead and continue to serve as best I can in my Church. I’ll humbly remind you, you aren’t my presbytery or anything else to me but a bit of advice.

Wow back at ya. No sense that he might be mistaken after 95+% of the General Assembly voted that his published views are out of accord with the Westminster Standards…no soul searching at all…no sense that the ordination vows might somehow play in this as I suggested in my post. And, who’s church is it? I thought it was Christ’s. Hubris is indeed in the eye of the beholder. We all live our lives Corum Deo.

On one hand, I pray that PCA Presbyteries will waste no time in taking the necessary action required for the purity of the church. These Federal Vision doctrines which have been declared out of accord with our Standards, are being taught to Christ’s flock. At the same time, I am grieved at the resources, including time, that will be diverted from the other missions that Christ gave the Church.

Dr. Clark is an astute brother. Church officers, please heed his challenge. Don’t make the laity do your job for you. They didn’t swear the ordination oaths, we officers did. We need to do what’s right, not what’s easy.




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