Posted by: reformedmusings | June 18, 2007

Initial Comments on the PCA’s Ad Interim Federal Vision Report

I wish to make clear that although I am honored and proud to have served with six of my brothers on the Ad Interim Committee on NPP/FV, I am not speaking for the committee now or at any time. The words in this post and all others are my own, and I alone am responsible for them. After all, the committee was dismissed with thanks by the 35th General Assembly, so it no longer exists.

I first want to personally thank all those at the 35th PCA General Assembly who supported the committee and its work. Regardless of one’s opinion of the Ad Interim Committee’s report linked here or the final, overwhelming (95-98%) vote to accept it, I see no call for the plethora of personal attacks on committee members individually or collectively. One Federal Vision (FV) proponent went so far as to call us “Satan” on his blog before the GA. So much for the FV claim to intellectual supremacy.

Second, I want to thank my fellow committee members for their fellowship and hard work. I had only heard of one of my fellow members, Dr. Ligon Duncan, prior to being selected to serve. I’ve come to feel a strong bond of fellowship and hopefully life-long friendship with all the committee members during the course of our work. I’ve never worked with so gracious and conscientious a group of men, and I will always be proud of our association together in this important work.

One consistent complaint from FV proponents has been that we were all TRs and/or Southern Presbyterians on the committee. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve read that on an FV blog, I could retire today.

Personally, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I grew up thinking that the Battle of Gettysburg practically was the Civil War. If not for TE Don Clemment’s excellent Ruling Elder Academy class on Presbyterian history, I wouldn’t even know what a Southern Presbyterian was. As for TR, I thought that was just a pejorative that Tim Keller likes to use to classify everyone with whom he disagrees. Actually, I still think that it is, just that FV proponents have decided that they like it for painting their “opponents” as well.

Further, I was raised a Roman Catholic, then left that organization as a teenager to wander the New Age landscape. I eventually came to trust Christ through personal study of the Bible without notes (Thompson Chain Reference) and the radio ministries of Dr. J. Vernon McGee, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and Dr. R. C. Sproul. A PC(USA) church ordained me as a Ruling Elder over 20 years ago, but I jumped to the PCA after seeing the PC(USA)’s anemic response to the heretical Reimagining God conference.

I’m currently a career senior military officer headquartered in the Pentagon. Over the course of my 29-years so far, I’ve commanded two squadrons, one flying and one flight support, and served as deputy commander of the test group that oversaw B-2, F-22, and a host of other flight testing. In my senior leadership roles, I’ve led several organizations in high-tech research, development, test, and acquisition. I currently serve in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, directly leading one program in particular that involves diplomacy with 26 nations all around the world, as well as congressional members and their staffs. I felt that I could offer the benefit of my command and leadership experiences, my God-given abilities to learn new things quickly and to accurately assess positions from written documentation, to the work of the committee.

It looks like FV proponents didn’t do any real homework on their personal accusations or characterizations. Which is another reason that comments will not be enabled on this blog.




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